Friday, February 22, 2013

Turning the Superfluous Tables

From Talking Points Memo:
The woman who asked the standout question at this week’s Parents Magazine online town hall about gun violence went on Fox News Friday to accuse Vice President Biden of mansplaining when it comes to self-defense...

Ernest told Fox she didn’t care for Biden’s home defense scheme (she said using a double-barrel shotgun would leave her defenseless after two shots) and she accused him of sexism.

“I think it was poor advice and it comes off a little sexist,” she said. “Like, ‘let me tell you what you need’ versus, you know, ‘arm yourself or protect yourself in a way that you feel necessary.”
Nice try, but Ernest is only embarrassing herself trying to play the misogynist card. Biden's advice wasn't "sexist;" it was just dumb advice. There's all the difference in the world.

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