Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ten Myths and Realities About Mass Murders and Gun Control

...have apparently been compiled, or written, or made-up, or whatever, over at the Huffington Post by some guy named Allen Frances.

It's just some garden-variety lefty stuff about guns, so there's not a lot to read, but he does make a number of weird gaffes in his questionable list:
Myth: The Second Amendment guarantees the right to have any type of weapon a person wants.

Reality: Nothing in the Constitution discusses what types of arms citizens are permitted to own. Would the NRA argue that private citizens can ride to work in tanks, carry grenade launchers and flame throwers or patrol their neighborhoods with weaponized drones?...
Is that an actual "myth" about the Second Amendment, or is it just a "myth" that Frances and anti-gun people make up in order to break down a nonexistent argument? What Frances is doing here is setting up a "straw man," although it's so far off the mark from his opponents' rhetoric that it's probably not even proper to call it a straw man.

Here's another odd one:
Myth: Guns don't kill people; people do.

Reality: People with guns kill people -- and the more powerful the gun, the more efficient the killing.
Huh? Frances didn't debunk a Second Amendment myth---he just qualified it very slightly. What kind of a goofy list is this?

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