Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It Was Worth a Shot

Over at HuffPo again, Peggy Drexler informs us: Don't Write Men Off Just Yet.

Whew! I had just touched the pen to the paper. Good thing she stopped me.
Hanna Rosin fired a shot that has echoed through the media and blogosphere in her 2010 Atlantic article, "The End of Men." She argues statistically and persuasively that men are carbon paper in a digital world -- important in their time, but that time is gone. As a result, while women are conquering the world; men are conquering PlayStation zombies.

Others say; "Not so fast."
"Not so fast." I'll say, not so fast! If women can't learn to use semicolons better than that, there's no hope for them.

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  1. Maledom is safe from semicolon abuse! Fight it tooth and nail!