Monday, December 17, 2012

Michael Moore on the Details

Recent tweet by Michael Moore:

I think this is supposed to be some sort of anti-Bush commentary, although I'm not positive that that's what he's doing. If it is a dig at the former president, it's a remarkable one: Bush is four years gone and two presidential elections removed, and Michael Moore is still angry enough to complain about him. That would be like me complaining about the series finale of 2014.  

But Michael Moore is wrong, anyway. The shooter in Connecticut used an AR-15 in his rampage. The weapon was manufactured by Bushmaster, not named after it. Moore's use of the term is akin to someone saying, "Daniel drove to the market today in a car called The Volvo."

Elsewhere, Moore calls for a ban on "mega-clips." Strong words...for the Congress of 1916. Most firearms use magazines these days. It's startling that someone so opposed to guns could know so terribly little about them. 

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