Monday, July 1, 2013

What's All The Buzz About?

Out of Oregon, an unreal funeral
Dozens of people attended a funeral outside a Wilsonville Target store for thousands of bees that died after they were exposed to a common insecticide earlier this month.

More than 50,000 bees dropped dead from trees outside the store. They were exposed to an insecticide called Safari, bee experts said on Wednesday.

“We just want to get the message out there that bees are vital to humans,” said Justin Wozniak, who helped organize the memorial on Sunday. “Without bees, there would be no pollination, and without pollination we wouldn’t have many of the foods we eat on a daily basis.”

Several people spoke to those who attended the funeral, and many wrote down their prayers for the bees on pieces of paper.

Yikes. That's just plain old weird. And this is coming from a good old fashioned nature fellow, what Joel Salatin might call a woo-woo corn muffin. I'm very grateful for the bees every day. But I don't hold a damn funeral for them, even if they drop dead en masse. They're bees! They don't care.

Anyways, bees are dying everywhere, and it's not just because of pesticides; the global warming-induced heat waves are slaughtering them in record numbers, cf: "Bees fall in the heat against Fresno."

Oh, wait, that's the Salt Lake Bees, a triple-A baseball team. But who the hell cares about baseball?

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  1. How do you know that bees don't care about their deaths or the death of their colonies? Just wonderin'.