Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In a dialect falling somewhat short of Received Pronunciation, but one still perfectly acceptable, Mayor Bloomberg recently advised human beings everywhere:

‘I’ve said this a thousand times, if you don’t speak good grammar – English with good grammar – you’re not going to get the kinds of jobs that you want...'

Bloomberg continued, saying that ‘you can make an argument that it shouldn’t be the case, it’s not fair, whatever, people judge each other by how well-spoken they are.'

Finally, something Big Mike and I agree upon! I'm given to the double modal myself, but I don't think that adversely affects my chances of success. I never imagined Bloomberg and I would have a topic to bond over. Er, over which to bond. 

Elsewhere in education, meanwhile, Virginia students' passing SOL scores have dropped anywhere from 14 to 20 percent, depending on the age group. Responded Superintended Patricia Wright:

“The lower scores and pass rates are a sign that the state is expecting more of students so they will be better prepared for college or the workforce, not that students are learning less.”

Say what? If a university has a low acceptance rate, it means their standards are much higher and they're thus accepting smarter students. The same doesn't translate to test scores. If "the state is expecting more of students," then it should be teaching them more. If I beat someone up in a fight, I don't say he's a better fighter because he lost.

At least Wright said "learning less" instead of "learning fewer," though. Bloomberg would be proud.  

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