Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome to the Desert of the Real

As if further proof were needed that the media has adopted a self-imposed gag on the Gosnell trial, we find out that Snopes.com has to verify that Gosnell exists:

Kermit Gosnell - an abortionist? Is this a real person? Why would such a horrific story not be covered by the mainstream media? 

Why? Why? When Job asked the same thing, his God said, in effect, "Where do you get the ego?" So saith the media gods as well:

[L]ast I checked, there’s no rule that a newspaper, or that paper’s editorial page, has to run one piece about a bad clinic for every piece celebrating a good one.

Oh, that's what it all boils down to. Well, actually, the story isn't just about a "bad clinic." It's about a clinic where babies were murdered and women were, you know, allowed to die, and where state regulators blithely ignored all of this because they were afraid of being labeled anti-choice, or anti-woman, or whatever. A "bad clinic" doesn't keep its appointments. A butchery of human babies is something else, and worth reporting on. But hey, there's no rule. Dost thou understand?

(h/t Mark Steyn)

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