Friday, February 22, 2013

The Greatest Craigslist Posting Ever Made

is here:

An Obese person and a tall lanky clod named Hannah and Tommy with a special needs child rented a house from a friend of mine.They are scammers and rent and do not pay rent! They call every one in the world on the landlord! They invent lies! They are professionals and get huge mileage our of the pity act! She is an obese disgusting food stamper and collects everything from the government. He is a drunk and works??? They told my buddy they had been living in hospital for a year? Sound familiar? They have not paid my friend in 4 months and then tried to get him in trouble in order to keep from being evicted! These people are professional con artists! They lie so much it is simply disgusting! Hannah is constantly on the phone with different agencies working the feel sorry for me angle! If you see them coming run like hell! If you rent to these people after you read this? You are a special kinda stupid! Beware of the Obese fatso and the retard! My friend is the nicest guy in the world and I told him not to rent to these people and I only met them a couple of times! But she is a mouthy liars scammer that tries to come across that the world has kicked her around and as I wrote she use her special needs child to get so much mileage! My friend did not want me to write this! But I have to warn others!

 "Run like hell?" How hard could it be to get away from a drunkard and a fat person?

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