Friday, January 4, 2013

Mourn for Me

I've caught the flu, which means I'm sharing a wonderful experience with the rest of the country. Man, it sucks. I mean, sure, I get to lay around in my bathrobe all day. But I'd rather be out earning money or frolicking in a field somewhere or whatever.

Anyways, in times like these I revert to mindless entertainment to take my mind off my clogged chest and achy body. Today's feature is a flashback to the past, Descent 2, a truly excellent game I used to play on the old Quadra.

According to Wikipedia, this was one of the first 6DoF games. I didn't know that at the time, of course; I only knew it was a phat game. I used to play it all the time. It makes me remember how crappy it was back in the day when families only had one computer. I don't know how we managed in those dark days...I just don't know. 

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