Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Apparently most of the Senate has a problem with food freedom:

"Here's some news for those who still somehow believe the political left in Washington cares about the People. After U.S. Senator Rand Paul introduced an amendment that would have ended armed FDA raids on raw milk farmers and legalized free speech about the curative properties of medicinal herbs, nutritional supplements and superfoods, are you curious how many Democrats voted in favor of this?

Republicans were also curiously reluctant to allow people to, you know, make their own decisions about what to eat, or listen to people with different medical opinions from the powers that be in Washington.

I guess bipartisanship isn't dead after all. Color me surprised that even a handful of the GOP believed people should be able to drink raw milk. 

Of course, when one brings up the point that raw milk should be legal to consume, one is usually met with jeers of being "anti-science," retrograded, antediluvian and a luddite. Look at Chuck Todd over at MSNBC: after Ron Paul put forth a bill to legalize interstate raw milk sales, Todd claimed that Paul was saying: "Don't even regulate milk." In other words, if you remove even the most asinine regulation on something, you are an anarchist. 

I'm a perennial optimist, but even this stuff brings me down sometimes.

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